Montholon, Charles-Tristan, count de

   military figure
   Born in Paris, Charles-Tristan, count de Montholon, served as the chamberlain to Empress Joséphine (1809) and ambassador to the grand duke of Wiirz-burg (1811). He remained faithful to napoléon i, who made him general and chamberlain of the palace during the hundred days, and whom he also accompanied to St. Helena in 1815. Upon his return to France after the emperor's death, he published, with Baron gaspard gourgaud, the Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire de France sous Napoléon par les géneraux qui ont partagé à sa captivité (1822-25). Remaining a Bonapartist, he took part in the attempt on Boulogne by Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte (later napoléon III) (1840) and was imprisoned at the fortress of Ham (1840-47), where he edited the Récits de la captivité de Napoléon (1849). A deputy to the Legislative Assembly (1849), General de Montholon was involved in the coup d'état of December 2, 1851.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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